Akodo Nobuyori

A Samurai in Name Only


“Hero of the Taiga”

Nobuyori is the third son of a general of the Akodo army. He is also a catepillar who never spun his coccoon. His father has given him choice positions and ample chances that have always ended in disaster. A fort in the north burned down after Nobuyori was given command. All the women of a village were raped after he was given two dozen Matsu Deathseekers and the task of exterminating a local brigand lord. At the Taiga River, so the story goes, Nobuyori’s second in command led a battalion of troops into a Scorpion ambush. Most of the troops were killed. Nobuyori, however, mounted a brilliant counter-attack and routed the Scorpion. His second was ordered to commit seppukku. Called the Hero of the Taiga, he was given the post of Taisa of the Guard in Kageyama.

Since that time, he has tried to drown himself in sake and women. He spends more time at the geisha house than he does at the Guardhouse, and no less than six little peasant women claim he is the father of their sons. He has recently been rumored to be smoking opium since he’s grown bored with sake and soju. He is a samurai, but in name only.

Akodo Nobuyori

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