Hida Satoshi

Lord of Shadow Mountain


Hida Satoshi is a bushi’s bushi. He and his five sons are considered by Satoshi to be as fine warriors as any that the Crab clan has ever produced. He leads his sons and their modest garrison in drills and war games. They practice for duels and tournaments almost incessantly. They pine for glory.

Unfortunately, their lands lie along North Pass, on the Scorpion frontier. North Pass is so narrow that it is of almost no military value, and despite many arrests and torturings, Lord Satoshi has never even discovered so much as a Scorpion spy infiltrating the Crab lands through the pass.

The only martial excitements on the mountain are the bandits camped somewhere on the mountain, and the blood feud between the Kuni and Yasuki. Unfortunately, Daimyo Hida Kisada has forbidden him from taking action against the bandits, and law forbids him from intervening in the blood feud.

Lord Satoshi years to be posted to the Wall, to bloody his sword in the name of the Emperor, to live a warrior’s life and to die a warrior’s death.

But unfortunately, he’s been stationed at Shadow Mountain Fort for the past 25 years, and unless something unexpected happens, he will die there as well…

Luckily, he has his wife, Asaji, to comfort him in his loneliness. She is older and wiser than he, and has given him so many strong sons.

His sons are a comfort to him, that much is certain. All six of them, and the girl too. Well, five of them. And wag-tongues in the village have begun to whisper of a rift between Lord Satoshi and some of his sons…

Hida Satoshi

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