Hida Takumi

Wizened and wise jokester sensei of the Kageyama Dojo


He is a dirty old man, but a dirty, sad, and desperate old man.

With his wrinkled and folded flesh, Takumi sensei seems as hoary and old as Mount Kageyama itself. He has devoted himself to the training of bushi to keep the evil of Fu Leng from conquering the Empire.

Well, not really devoted. It was more his day job. His jokes, that is where his passion lay. Takumi’s reputation as a jokester stretches far beyond Kageyama. His jokes have been of such questionable taste, especially of late, that other samurai might have committed seppukku in shame. But not Takumi. After all, he is very old, and the teacher of Lord Satoshi, who still dotes on his old sensei.

The bushi produced by the dojo were all famous for their lack of not until the recent arrival of Hida Yoshikazu, whose students have gone on to find fame in battle on the Kaiu wall.

Takumi is enjoying the fame he is accruing thanks to Yoshikazu in his golden years. He believes he truly knows how to enjoy his old age. Now if only he could marry his daughter off! But she is so very ugly…

Hida Takumi

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