Kitsuki Asami

Young, Driven, Too Clever by Half


Asami is smart, curious (sometimes dangerously so), and determined to prove her worth as a samurai, whatever it takes.


Kitsuki Asami’s family hails from the Shinpi Province of Dragon Lands. Her father, Kitsuki Kage is an investigator and scholar of some note. Her mother, Kitsuki Akane was a Mirumoto-trained magistrate in her youth, but gave up that life when she married. Her older sister, Tsukune, has followed in her mother’s footsteps and trained in the Mirumoto School. Tsukune has a bit of a wild streak, but as the eldest and as an accomplished bushi, she has always been favored. There are signs that Asami’s little brother, Tomo, has the talent to become a shugenja someday, so he has been doted on as well.

While Asami assiduously followed in her parents’ footsteps, as both a scholar and an aspiring magistrate, as the quietest, middle child, she was often overlooked. She thought for sure that that would change when her snooping uncovered evidence of * ********** by an important ******** ******! However, when she brought the evidence to her father, he paled and forebade her to speak of the matter any further, for her own safety and that of the family.

Undeterred, Asami continued her investigation on the sly. Eventually, her father (a canny observer, himself) found her hidden notes. He destroyed the notes and immediately petitioned his lord to find Asami some distant posting in the interest of “broadening her education.”

The next thing she knew, she was assigned to an Imperial Guard post in…Kageyama?

Kitsuki Asami

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