Kuni Akinori

Sick Leader of the Kuni Family


Kuni Akinori has been leading his family since his father was assasinated. A group of ronin ambushed the two of them on a ride on the mountain, and his father stayed and fought them to give Akinori the time to escape. He watched the ronin hang for the murder of the Lord of the Mountain, but it has not assuaged his passion for revenge.

Since then, he has merceilessly persecuted the feud against the Yasuki in an attempt to revenge his father’s death. He has grown old doing so, and for very little gain. Other than his apprenticeship and a trip to Kyuden Hida two years ago, he has never left Kageyama. Why leave your home?

Since his return, he has been in ill-health. He has not been seen outside the Kuni compound. People say he is sick.

Kuni Akinori

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