Yasuki Hikaru

Leader of the Yasuki in Kageyama


Yasuki Hikaru is the new daimyo of the Yasuki in Kageyama. The previous daimyo, Hikaru’s father, Komi, died when his horse mysteriously exploded. Hikaru had very little interest in Kageyama or the feud, having left Kageyama when he was young to begin trading in the colonies. However, upon his father’s death, he was recalled to lead his family.

His father’s death appears to have led to a thaw in the feud. Some even talk of an amicable resolution to the matter, rather than the extermination which has for so long been the goal of both sides. Kuni Ayako attended Komi’s funeral and even cried! Furthermore, after Yasuki Toshiko murdered Kuni Pan’Gu in the streets, an action allowed by the feud, she was assigned to the Kageyama Imperial Guard, a move that wagtongues say was done to punish her by taking her out of the heat of the feud.

Yasuki Hikaru

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