Legend of the Five Rings: Shadow Mountain

Episode 12: Full House
There're new Crane in town.
Episode 10: The Nexus of Decision
What will Mirumoto Kaneda choose?
Episode 9: Underground
The Underground Spun Around

My sword is fight!

Episode 8: Fallout

The oni is dead. Now what? Miyako’s fiancee comes to Shadow Mountain.

Episode Seven: Holy Crap!
The Shit Has Hit the Fan

Ohmygodohymygod! What’s gonna happen? Are we really fighting another oni again right now? Are the Kuni gonna kill all the Yasuki? Whazgonnahappun?

Six: The Moon is Not
As Beautiful as Kuni Yuudai

What will Kitsuki Asami and Kuni Yuudai do on their moon-viewing date?

Five: The Fate of Lord Satoshi or The Demon on the Mount
Will honor triumph over utility?

What will Lord Satoshi be told? What will the fate of his family be?

And what about the Oni on the mountain?

Adventure Four

How do you solve a problem like being trapped in a taint cave with an oni?


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