In love with a geisha...


The only life Babyface has ever known is the life of the whorehouse. Women constantly buzzing around him, drunken men groping girls half-undressed, sake poured on the floorboards. His mother might have built a beautiful building, and stocked it with classier girls, but what happens in the grottos hasn’t changed.

It was a seedy life, but Babyface was accustomed to it. He learned to roust drunks, and could win a fight, straight or dirty. He figured he’d take over the business one day, and marry a woman who’d never worked in the house.

Then, he met Flower Petal. She was as delicate and beautiful as her name, and he could not believe it, but she loved him!

The two of them are never demonstrative in public, but the glances they exchange tell an observer all they need know.


Legend of the Five Rings: Shadow Mountain BenjaminRiggs