Flower Petal

A star-crossed geisha


Flower Petal’s first memory is of the Geisha School. She spent over a decade learning how to dance, tell stories, and amuse men before she was purchased by Madam Chang and brought to the Thousand Suns House. She’d always imagined herself a geisha in the Emperor’s court, entertaining important people after arduous work. To say the least, she was diappointed in what she found in Kageyama. It was cheap, small, and insignificant. Entirely not up to her standards, and she wasn’t shy in saying so. At least, not ’til Madam Chang heard her, and beat the sass right out of her.

After her beating, Babyface came to her with a bucked of cold water and cleaned her wounds. And she thought she had never before seen so fine a young man. She gave her heart to him, amongst other things.

Flower Petal

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