Isawa Ran Tekku

Headmaster of the Monastery and Former Emerald Magistrate


Isawa Ran Tekku is dedicated to the idea of peace. He will say and do almost anything to avoid a fight. This trait served him well as an Emerald Magistrate. More than one war was averted by the timely arrival of Isawa Ran Tekku as chief negotiator. However, Ran Tekku does not let his commitment to peace prevent him from using violence. Did not Shinsei write that giving life to many people by the extinguishing of a single evil life was a noble act? And was it not written that if in the practicing of tolerance, followers of the Dharma allow evil to flourish and increase in evil and destroy the true teaching, that these followers are in fact black devils?

Despite this, Ran Tekku’s commitment to peace is such that he will bear insults and dishonor that would provoke other samurai into rages. His enemies say he is a man of no honor, and cowardly heart. Even his friends from outside the Phoenix do not understand him, finding his forebearance a curiosity at best and polluting at worst.

And his commitment to peace has led him into trouble.

After a decade of service, he was removed from the rolls of the magistartes for refusing to execute a blind eta boy for disrespecting the retainers of the Scorpion daimyo, Bayushi Shoju. The boy crossed the path of the daimyo’s palanquin, but being blind, he was unaware of the daimyo’s status. As Isawa Ran Tekku was traveling with the daimyo’s train, the boy was brought to him for justice. Ran Tekku’s judgement was that the punishment of the boy was to be brought into the service of the daimyo that his blindness might be tended. Despite an amazing record of service, Isawa Ran Tekku suddenly found himself removed from the rolls of magistrates.

Seeking a piece of peace, he became Headmaster of the monastery. A dozen monks and shugenja tend to the orphans and do what they can for the lepers.

But due to Ran Tekku’s selflessness, he finds this change a pleasant one.

Isawa Ran Tekku

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