Lady Kaiu Asaji

The Lord's Lady


“My time here at Kageyama has been trying. I sometimes feel a hundred years old, but in the service of my lord, what should I not give?

“I remember the day I first laid eyes on Satoshi-sama. He was riding over the crest of the mountain, his hair flying wildly behind him and my heart- Well, such words are to be whispered in private.

“And he was so, so, kind at my husband’s funeral. It was only natural that I stay on to help him become accustomed to his new domain. I introduced him to simply everyone, held parties in his honor, and wrote his decrees. He has always been so clumsy at the pen. How was I to know the flower of love had also blossomed in his heart? But again, I embaress you with my confession.

“The only thing I ever asked of him was that I might keep my first husband’s name, that he might never be forgotten while I live. And in exchange I have given him six sons! Well, five now. Five healthy, strong, fighting sons. They might fill in the Pit of Fu Leng themselves if they but put their mind to it.

“I myself am of no consequence. I help my lord. He is everything.”

Lady Kaiu Asaji

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