Madam Chang

Owner and Manager of the Thousand Suns Geisha House


Madam Chang came to Kageyama-mura two decades ago and immediately went to work as a prostitute. She was a whore, but she wasn’t a dummy. She saved her money so that when she got pregnant, she was able to buy a house and fill it with girls to work for her. Nine months later, her son, Babyface, was born, and he was the cutest baby ever to be born in a brothel. All the prostitutes cooed over him like he was their own in between work. Madam Chang began expanding into other businesses, such as sake, soju, and opium. And eventually, she needed some debt-collectors to go around to handle accounts left payable by certain deadbeat customers. This is how she came to run the Bridgeburners, a group of rowdy eta she pays in sake to provide security at the house, and handle endebted customers.

Eventually, Madam Chang saved up enough money to start buying geisha. This proved very, very popular with Lord Satoshi and the other samurai. Madam Chang began making money hand-over-fist, and had a new house constructed to her exact specifications.

Everything was going very well until she bought Flower Petal, and Babyface turned 18.

The lout of a boy thinks he’s in love with her. And this is a cause of endless trouble. Flower Petal was a favorite of countless samurai, and she had begun an auction to see who could purchase the girl’s virginity for the highest price. One of Lord Satoshi’s sons purchased the honor, and the night of the event, he came storming out in the middle claiming the girl was not a virgin!

Flower Petal would not confess to her lover, but Madam Chang knows. It is her lout of a son.

Madam Chang

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