Mirumoto Yasuhiro

A well-known Mirumoto duelist.


He is Miyamoto Musashi. He is coarse, gruff, arrogant, but realizes that he is good at only one thing in the world, and that’s killing people.


You’ve heard of Mirumoto Yasuhiro. He killed the man who killed his father in a duel before his gempukku. The son of the man who killed his father of course challenged him to a duel and Yasuhiro killed him too. He’s won a total of forty duels to the death in the past fifteen years, and became a darling of the Rokugani social set. Invite Yasuhiro to your winter court and you won’t need to pay for entertainment because of the incessant stream of young samurai coming to challenge him to duels, whether to the blood or the death. the following day.

Yasuhiro’s demeanor is not helpful. He believes that the ability to win a duel is almost useless because in a real battle, the skill is nigh useless. Furthermore, while he believes that dueling itself is a useless skill, he believes that he is the best duelist in Rokugan. These beliefs, both of which he is vocal about, are truths that countless other samurai are eager to disprove, and are willing to wager their lives to do so. And as the bodies piled up, so Yasuhiro’s fame grew.

Finally, disgusted by the society which rewarded him for robbing Rokugan of the flower of their youth, and fed up with the train of poets and sycophants who began to follow him seeking their daily rice at his expense, he decided to go on a journey. He began his jouney late at night without telling any of his retainers.

Seeking a quiet corner of the Empire, Yasuhiro has landed in Kageyama. He is interested only in learning to play the shimasen from Kuni Yuudai and watch the sun set. Unfortunately, tales of his presence here have begun to trickle out, and challengers have begun to arrive.

Mirumoto Yasuhiro

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