The Lion

Mysterious Leader of the Kageyama Bandits


No one knows what the Lion looks like, or who he is. There are merely whispers overheard by merchants robbed by the bandits. “What will the Lion say?” “What would the Lion have us do?” The bandits clearly respect and follow the Lion, and he has had time to make the bandits into more than just a band of mauraders. The last caravan sacked by the bandits reported that the attack began with a boy standing in the road, announcing that the “Honorable People’s Army of Rokugan” required their goods for their struggle. When an angry merchant responded by putting an arrow in the boy, black-robed men rushed out of the road-side and slaughtered the guards. The attack stopped when a horn was blown from the hills, and the surviving merchants were allowed to continue on to Kageyama, minus their goods and koku.

Locals have observed that it is curious that Daimyo Hida Kisada has given the honor of crushing the bandits to the Imperial Guard of Kageyama. Knowing that the Guard is led by a dissolute incompetent, it would have been much more efficient for him to ask Lord Satoshi to gather his men and rout the bandits.

Locals believe that there are now 30 to 60 bandits in the gang, and they are holed up somewhere on the southern reaches of the mountain, where the river branches out into marshes.

The Lion

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